dAPP Development & Discord Community Update

ERC1155s Contracts.

We learned a lot during our first NFT competition, Genesis. Unfortunately there were mechanisms that were able to be manipulated. To increase security we have accelerated the migration of our competition platform to a more secure dAPP. We know it will offer a more seamless and trusted experience for future community competitions. In preparation for the winning assets to be listed on the Grey Marketplace dAPP — our Solidity Developer was able to consolidate our ERC1155 contracts into the up to date Solidity version 0.8.0 & up. This will allow our ongoing Marketplace development to be utilizing the latest Solidity builds, and openzeppelin v4.0 contracts. Be on the look out for upcoming announcements surrounding the dAPP in the new year.

Grey Token Discord Channel
Grey Token Discord

Grey Discord Channel

We were excited to open up the Grey Discord Channel to our community and have another area to engage as a $GREY Community. This is your space, so please feel welcome to join us! Contribute to the conversation and gain early access to news and competition announcements.

Invite Contest — 1 Billion Grey Tokens up for Grabs!

Are you excited about the Grey Token? Do you live your life with a Paranormal side? We are happy to be extending our Discord Invite Contest to Monday, October 25th @ 23:59 PM EST.

We are conducting a community-driven invite contest to help grow our Discord Space. The more verified members you invite to the Grey Discord, the better chance you have at winning 1,000,000,000 Grey Tokens!

More information can be found on our discord, located here in the “Grey Giveaways” channel.

The Next Stage.

Terrestrials & Extraterrestrials alike, we are getting closer to our arrival!
We are happy to share a sneak peak of what’s coming, please follow us on our socials and comment below with your thoughts!

About us: Website

Contact us: Twitter | Telegram Group | Telegram Channel | Discord




Kondux connects people to cutting edge creativity tools combined with Web3 technology in revolutionary fashions.

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Kondux connects people to cutting edge creativity tools combined with Web3 technology in revolutionary fashions.

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