Grey Token is KYC Certified

Grey Token is committed to safety and security. As we build multi-dimensional experiences across a series of platforms we want our investors to know we are making the security of their investment a priority. We are proud to have been awarded a KYC (Know Your Customer) certification seal. We believe it is important to be professionally reviewed by a third party and chose the SAAS (safety as a service) provider Assure to complete the process. Assure has an extensive track record working with many prominent Defi industry businesses and projects. They are a platform focused on bringing a suite of tools that offer unbiased informational resources creating transparency within an operation. The due diligence reports and optix audits performed are designed to help prepare projects for building investor confidence and trust. We see this as a tool for greater success and growth as we move into the next phase of operational execution. Visit our website to learn a little more about our tokenomics and project plans for 2022.

Completing this procedure is one way we are protecting our investors and helping instill trust for the project as a whole. Many cryptocurrency holders already know why KYC certifications exist and why they are important to investors and exchanges alike. The review helps maintain a level of privacy for our developers while also validating the work they continue to build even more capabilities for $GREY. Please take the time to learn a little more about KYC and why the GREYT took the steps to earn this seal. Be confident your investment is safe with us and view the certificate as an NFT on OpenSea.

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Kondux connects people to cutting edge creativity tools combined with Web3 technology in revolutionary fashions.

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Kondux connects people to cutting edge creativity tools combined with Web3 technology in revolutionary fashions.

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