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2 min readFeb 17, 2022


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Big news everyone, the team has initiated the token migration! We also have another major announcement to make. As a project collective we are expanding into new spaces and we have chosen to rebrand to Kondux (KNDX) during this migration. The new name better reflects the direction* we are moving towards, and helps lay the foundation for our forthcoming projects and collaborative partnerships. We appreciate your patience while we make the transition. The Disclosure NFT Collection will still be launching as planned, stay tuned for updates on the release date.

Why is the migration taking place?

The new contract will significantly reduce the fees and gas needed to complete transactions. Wallet to wallet transfers fees have been eliminated. Token utility functions have been increased for future product development, including vault and staking options.

What do I need to do as a token holder during migration?

Once started the process will take 2–3 hours. An automatic airdrop will occur and your existing GREY wallet will be updated with the new token. Your wallet address will remain the same. You will not need to take any action to make this part of migration possible to the new Ethereum ERC-20 smart contract. Our wallets will be publicly visible and available for inspection.

What do I need to do after the migration is complete?

You will need to update your wallet with the new contract address. Follow the steps below to make this change.


  1. Click “Import Tokens”
  2. Paste the Contract Address 0x7ff7A55A7c637E3953Ab25569C335e04b96C475b
  3. Click “Import Tokens”
  4. Your KNDX Tokens will appear

*we still love aliens




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