Grey Token — Seek the Unknown.

The Grey Team is excited to officially announce the launch of our project, Grey. Grey Tokens primary goal is to gather original Paranormal/UFO/Interdimensional Video Evidence, and put it on the Blockchain. Grey Team aims to achieve this through Incentive based community interactions. Including voting, NFT creation competitions and a new way for the community to interact with (and generate value for) Grey minted NFTs, and the underlying asset (Grey). We have studied the market vigorously and aim to bring a unique concept to crypto filling in the gaps of what is missing from the current market, in a niche that is also missing. We are creating a gateway between the paranormal universe and blockchain technology.

NFTs, or “Non-Fungible Tokens” have skyrocketed in popularity, whether you are interested in NBA Top Shots or CryptoPunks, there is a demand for unique digital assets on the blockchain. Although fans of the current NFT landscape, we believe there is untapped potential in the NFT Marketplace that has yet to be discovered — a feature that we are branding “NFTokenomics”.

“What is NFTokenomics”?

The problem with the current NFT market is the volatile and inaccurate valuation methods. Our model combats this with the below key features.

· Deflationary Token with hyper deflationary events.

· Inflationary NFTs with hyper inflationary events.

· Sustainable Demand and Price Inflation through Floor NFT prices, NFT buybacks, and Grey burned (based on Grey vault metrics) TBA.

Sustainable Value

“What creates value?”

By answering this question — we can unlock the true value of both grey token and its affiliated NFTs.

Our solution is simple and it involves you, the community.

Built for believers, artists, fans of the paranormal, and hodlers alike. We are the platform that anyone can participate in. Driven by our in-house Digital artists through competitions and community events — we are calling for the evidence based, videos, pictures, and original art/creations (Paranormal/supernatural/unknown themes), where the community will be able to vote on their favorite piece. The top 3 voted content will share the prize pool, with rewards scaling from 1st to 3rd place. Contest dates and specifics to come.

The winning content will be minted into NFTs with different reward structures.

· The first-place content will have 51 NFTs minted, with the 1st mint going to the original submitter and the remaining 50 being distributed to Grey Token holders and the Grey platform for use in future development. The longer you hodl Grey Token — The higher your chances of obtaining a grail first place NFT.

· Second and Third Place will also have their NFTs minted, with the 1st mint going to the creator, and the remaining available for purchase with Grey Token in the Grey marketplace (under construction).

All NFTs will start with a floor buyback through the GREY NFT Marketplace. This ensures a floor valuation of NFTs in the marketplace — with the value rising after each market purchase.

Liquidity Pool Balancing “Goldilocks LP”

Additionally — we are introducing a new concept in LPs — V1 “Goldilocks LP”. 2.5% of each transaction will be added directly to the Uniswap liquidity pool. When a predetermined threshold of 200 Eth is achieved in liquidity, a dynamic liquidity pool will be created. Liquidity will be manually added based on volume and price. If liquidity ever drops below the 200 eth threshold, the 2.5% of Txn tax will revert back to auto adding liquidity. This will assist with creating a solid price floor and fluid, tradable price action for Grey Token as it grows in market share. It will also provide a malleable revenue stream to support future community events, incentives and project price support.

Bot Protection

“But what about the BOTS?!” BOTS are NOT welcome.

The Bot problem in crypto is a largely ignored epidemic. Bots have stolen billions in funds from both traders and projects — causing a slow rug every time it front runs a project.

This destroys most projects and disguises it as a “pump and dump”.

Grey Token will protect the project, assets and traders by utilizing Fair Token Projekt FTP Antibot Gold. With FTP Antibot Integrated, FTP Antibot auto-blacklists bots, effectively locking the unfairly purchased tokens away. Taking what would be a “death sentence” front run and Diamond handing it forever.

This allows traders and speculative investors to invest and reap the rewards of natural price action instead of losing that value to bots.

Transparent Tokenomics

Presale is limited to a $300k Hard cap. $200k Soft cap. This is to ensure the small buyers stand a fair chance against whales at launch.

Presale slot price $500 (in USDT) for 2,500,000,000 Grey Tokens @ 0.0000002 ea. (USDT) Max of 2 slots per wallet. A 3rd slot can be requested on the Presale form. If any slots remain after 24 hours from start of presale. Requested slots will be honored in order of initial submission.

Launch price 0.0000002 (USDT)

Total supply 10,000,000,000,000 Grey Token.

Total Circulating supply of 27.5% (2,750,000,000,000 Grey) at launch.

Team wallet locked for 6 months.

All contracts and wallets will be held in Gnosis Safe Vaults with team Multisig.



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