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Grey Metaverse?👽

“You are Still Early”

This is the message that we constantly share to our community, and will continue so until it is no longer true. In addition to the development above, our development, graphics, and product team have quietly been work after launch on the structure and layout of the Grey Metaverse. Built for our community, every art competition and theme will help dictate some of the items available in the Grey World.

Beginning with our 3D Marketplace and 3D NFT Gallery, we are on the path to creating a paranormal metaverse filled with farming, defi, and quests that will be a trailblazer in the space. The community will assist us with this creation through our art competitions, where the 1st Place NFT’s will be within the “Super Legendary” tier, in addition to a special place for the First Contact NFT’s airdropped prior. Which leads us to discussing the First Art Competition’s Theme.

“Genesis” Competition Theme — “Depict your favorite Alien Race”

We have decided to name our first art competition “Genesis”, as not only our first art competition, but the beginning alien race for our metaverse. We are asking all artists to begin thinking about what your favorite Alien Race looks like. We will share official competition details and timeline on our next weekly update — however make sure to begin your sketching!

As a reminder — our first place winner will receive $5000 in ETH, alongside having their work minted into an NFT!

Token Burn

As mentioned in our first weekly development update, we are excited to share that we burned 187.5 BILLION Grey Tokens (Over $150,000 at current price!). We plan to do additional burns as needed to reduce the supply for the community.

Development Updates — 4 Weeks till MVP 1.0!

Video Submission and Streaming Application — One week away!
We are excited to announce that Video Submission and streaming application will be available by 08/08 for our community to enter and engage with the site!

Grey Video Submission & Streaming Application in our Staging Environment

Not only will this be available via browser, however we are excited to share that we plan to have Android & iOS mobile applications available for download via the respective app stores shortly after launch.

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