kNFT Disclosure Collection Mint Roadmap

4 min readApr 15, 2024


Disclosure kNFT Collection Kondux

The Roadmap to kNFT Minting

Our dev team have four major agenda items taking center stage leading up to our first kNFT mint this March 2024: DNA Keys, 3D Viewport, AI Powered Integration and Blockchain Minting Verification. This article is intended to catch the community up with our accomplishments and roadmap towards mint!

DNA Keys: Unlocking the Essence of kNFTs

Persona DNA Key

The foundation is laid with the completion of the Persona DNA Key. This key forms the basis for representing not only the Persona kNFTs on-chain, but also acts as the P.o.C. for data-driven DNA keys. The data-driven DNA keys and accompanying DNA protocol provide a massively scalable and multi-collection integrated pipeline.

Avatar DNA Key

A DNA key is made up of its genes and any value mapping to encode the gene. For the Avatar DNA’s, the gene selection has been made and implemented into the DNA key. However, due to a recent breakthrough in map making techniques and our inability to shy away from progress, the value encoding needs to be updated to reflect these changes. This step is crucial to accommodating changes and maintaining the integrity of the kNFT ecosystem.

Armor and Item DNA Keys

The DNA evolution continues with the introduction of Armor DNA Key and Item DNA Keys. These keys will play a pivotal role in customizing and enhancing kNFT attributes, adding depth to the user experience. A recent breakthrough in armor modeling has led us to reevaluate the representation of the armor kNFTs DNA. With this change, we will be able to not only provide higher fidelity assets but also better accommodate scalable kNFT utilities like mutations.

Photon DNA Key

With the completion of the Photon DNA Key, Kondux achieves a milestone in its journey. The Photon DNA Key adds a luminous touch to kNFTs, bringing them to life in the digital realm. Photon DNA is designed in a way that can store references to other kNFTs inside its DNA. As a result, when communicating with the smart contract, a Photon kNFT can be unpacked to represent your own personal collection or backpack. Our inaugural Photon protocol will be able to house up to eight kNFTs.

Final DNA Key Review to Ensure Compliance

Before the grand unveiling, a comprehensive review ensures that all DNA Keys comply with Kondux’s high standards. We want the seamless integration and functionality of each key within the kNFT ecosystem. We will be poised for limitless scalability and integration between our assets, our ecosystem, and external ecosystems.

3D Viewport: A Window into the kNFT Universe

Master Collection Variant USD

Kondux’s commitment to excellence is showcased through the Master Collection Variant USD, providing users with a visually stunning and immersive experience. The Master Collection Variant USD is a magnificent expose of the power of OpenUSD. This single USD contains not only the thousands of kNFT minted during the disclosure collection but the millions of combinations possible through DNA mutation and augmentation. This means, as a direct side-effect of our use of USD, features required for several phases of future development will be ready to go “out of the box” with the completion of Phase 1 of our roadmap(view on homepage).

Action Graph to Navigate Entire Collection (In Progress)

The introduction of the Action Graph revolutionizes navigation within the kNFT collection, offering users an intuitive way to explore the vast universe of Kondux’s creations. The action graph is the companion to the Master USD file and the cou-de-grais of our NVIDIA Omniverse techstack that aids in the secure access and navigation of the collection.

AI Powered Integration: The Brains Behind the Operation

Polishing of AI Portal UI/UX

User experience takes center stage with the polishing of the AI Portal’s UI/UX, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable interaction for users.

Refactoring of Backend to Hosted Server

The backend undergoes a transformation, moving to a hosted server for enhanced performance and scalability. Several refactors are underway here, such as transitioning of data storage to the cloud and security review.

AI Portal and Backend Code Review

Kondux’s commitment to excellence continues with thorough code reviews of both the AI portal and backend, ensuring a flawless integration.

Deployment (Upcoming)

The AI Section reaches its zenith with deployment, bringing to fruition a sophisticated and powerful portal that complements the dynamic world of kNFTs.

Blockchain Minting: Bringing kNFTs to Life

Adaptation of DNA Logic to a Contract

The core DNA logic undergoes adaptation to seamlessly integrate with a contract, laying the foundation for the minting process.

Minting API Backend

The Minting API Backend becomes the backbone of the blockchain minting process, ensuring a secure and efficient transition of kNFTs from concept to reality.

Code Review + Auditing

Stringent code reviews and auditing processes guarantee the robustness and security of Kondux’s blockchain minting implementation.


The grand finale arrives with the deployment of the blockchain minting infrastructure, marking the culmination of years of hard work from our devs and amazing support from our community!




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