Kondux GDN: The Power of Graphics Delivery Network

5 min readApr 18, 2024


Kondux GDN NVIDIA Omniverse

NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud:
The Power of GDN

Kondux is unlocking a new era of immersive experiences by joining forces with NVIDIA Omniverse™ Cloud, Graphics Delivery Network (GDN). We’re one of the first blockchain businesses to leverage this powerhouse and it’s set to transform our 3D Viewport, Marketplace, and future gaming ventures.

Forget about powerful PCs and clunky downloads. Forget about worrying about the security of your 3D NFT assets. Get ready to witness high-fidelity 3D experiences streamed seamlessly to any device, revolutionizing how you interact with digital worlds by empowering USD-based kNFT assets.

The Strengths of Kondux GDN

Stream Content to Your Audience:

GDN simplifies the process of engaging with digital content. By offering frictionless click-to-launch streaming, users can access streamed applications directly through a web browser without the need for downloads or logins. This ease of access broadens the potential audience reach, making high-quality 3D content more accessible than ever before.

Global GPU Capacity:

At the heart of GDN’s capabilities is its unparalleled global GPU capacity, which ensures the streaming of high-fidelity OpenUSD and 3D content across over 100 regions. This global network guarantees that users, regardless of their location, can experience the same quality and interactivity, democratizing access to cutting-edge digital experiences.

Automated Content Management:

GDN offers automated content management through the NVIDIA Developer Portal and NVIDIA Developer Services Platform APIs. This feature streamlines the process of managing content, deploying builds, and utilizing other developer tools, significantly reducing the complexity and time investment required for content creators.

Platform-Agnostic Gateway to the Metaverse:

One of GDN’s most significant contributions is its ability to transform every device into a supercharged RTX machine. By making Windows and Linux interactive applications built with any 3D engine streamable to almost any connected device, GDN acts as a platform-agnostic gateway to the metaverse, overcoming the traditional hardware limitations faced by users.

Market Problem & Kondux GDN Solution: Empowering USD-Based kNFT Assets


The creation and distribution of high-fidelity 3D and OpenUSD experiences have historically been limited by the hardware capabilities of the end-user’s device. This limitation has hindered the widespread adoption and scalability of immersive digital experiences, particularly in sectors like gaming and manufacturing, where detail and interactivity are paramount.


Kondux GDN addresses this challenge head-on by enabling the streaming of complex, resource-intensive 3D applications to devices that would otherwise be incapable of running them. For gaming, this means that developers can now create and distribute games with unprecedented levels of detail and complexity, accessible to a broader audience without the need for high-end gaming hardware.

In manufacturing, designers and engineers can collaborate in real-time on detailed models and simulations, streamlining the product development process and enhancing innovation.


Conventionally, 3D asset NFT’s are displayed in a viewport that uses direct rendering, such as the viewport displays utilizing GLTF on OpenSea. In order for these processes to work, the 3D assets sit at exposed endpoints through URIs, an unique identifier that can be used to locate the file from online storage.

This introduces an inherent security issue; any asset stored on the blockchain and viewed in this manner can be retrieved, downloaded, and sold separately of the on chain NFT by locating where the files are stored.


Our solution to this problem is putting a streamable asset placed behind a viewport middleware where the DNA acts as controller to what is displayed in real time. Assets are displayed and “activated” by receiving an action sequence directly decoded from the DNA. GDN acts as the defense against exposing the assets your NFTs represent by placing your assets behind a streamable wall with no exposed endpoints.

This also allows us to bring our philosophy of “viewing does not equal owning” to fruition, ensuring that a kNFT can be viewed by many but the true functionalities, and more importantly, the files those functionalities build upon, remain accessible only to the owner.

Kondux kNFT DNA Sequence Technology is trail blazing. It functions as a secure controller to send and receive verified assets and instructions to our USD application, and presented through our viewport, hosted on GDN. This method is the first of its kind, spanning from the blockchain to a 3D display network.

Impact of GDN on Kondux’s Viewport and Gaming:

Enhanced Accessibility and Performance:

A Kondux GDN ensures that high-fidelity interactive 3D experiences and OpenUSD assets are seamlessly streamed to any device, transforming every device into a supercharged platform. This eliminates the need for high-end hardware on the user’s end, significantly broadening the accessibility of our 3D NFT Marketplace and gaming applications to a wider audience.

This is all part of the Kondux commitment to the highest quality user experience with the lightest taxation on system resources.

Revolutionizing the 3D NFT Viewport:

The integration of GDN elevates the user’s experience in our 3D NFT Viewport. Users can now engage with dynamically interactive assets in real-time, thanks to frictionless streaming of complex 3D content. This adaptive infrastructure supports the evolving nature of digital collectibles, offering an unparalleled experience that showcases the full potential of 3D NFTs across gaming and entertainment applications.

Transformative Gaming Experiences:

For the gaming sector, GDN’s global GPU capacity and streaming capabilities unlock new possibilities for developers and players alike. Games built on Kondux’s platform can leverage real-time, high-fidelity graphics, irrespective of the user’s hardware. This not only enhances the gaming experience but also fosters innovation in game development, allowing creators to push the boundaries of what’s possible in game design and functionality.

Operational Efficiency and Monetization:

GDN’s automated content management system streamlines the deployment and management of digital assets across our platform. This efficiency enables quicker updates and iterations, reducing the time to market for new content and features.

Additionally, by expanding the reach and improving the quality of digital experiences, Kondux can unlock new revenue streams and increase the value of digital assets within the marketplace and gaming platforms.

The integration of GDN within Kondux’s ecosystem represents a transformative step forward in the digital asset landscape. It not only enhances the capabilities of our 3D NFT Viewport and gaming platforms but also sets a new standard for the management, security, and monetization of digital assets.

As we continue to navigate the digital era, GDN empowers Kondux to deliver unparalleled experiences to users and creators, driving the future of digital interaction and entertainment.




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