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Kondux Genome Lab

4 min readMar 6, 2024

Unlocking the Secrets of Dynamic kNFTs

Have you ever dreamed of owning a digital asset that evolves and reacts to the world around it? That’s exactly what Kondux’s revolutionary kNFT technology makes possible. Imagine a collectible that changes color based on the weather, or a gaming character that grows stronger with your skills. The possibilities are endless.

The key to this magic lies in the kNFT DNA sequence, a unique code stored within each asset. This DNA isn’t just a bunch of letters; it’s a dynamic blueprint that defines every aspect of the kNFT, from its appearance to its behavior.

But understanding this kNFT DNA, and how it works, can feel like cracking a secret code. That’s where the Kondux Genome Lab comes in. Think of it as a friendly playground where you can experiment with kNFT DNA and witness its power firsthand.

Dynamic NFTs have a place in all our futures and we at Kondux have designed kNFT DNA sequence technology to apply to a vast amount of use cases. These are just a few, we will discuss our vision further as the project completes its first phases this upcoming year!

  • Gaming
  • Digital Collectables
  • Certificates of Authenticity

kNFT DNA Sequence Education

The team wants to break down our technology stack in a way that everyone can understand and explain to another person without getting a confused look! There is a huge amount of knowledge that goes into our work and the following questions are designed to kick off the education needed to communicate why kNFT tech hits different. We regularly host public AMAs and are present in our Discord servier. Smash the buttons at the top of the page to follow us and join the conversation with our ever growing community. Join Us.

Play with the Encode:

Want to experiment with building some of the DNA sequences featured in our Disclosure Collection? Want to get to know what our protocol system is like? Step into the Encode section of the Genome Lab. Here, you’ll choose various attributes, like collection type, eye color, species, or birth year, and watch as the kNFT DNA sequence updates in real time. It’s like playing mad scientist with digital assets!

Crack the Code with Decode:

Have a kNFT DNA sequence? The Decode section is your decoder ring. Simply paste the kNFT’s DNA sequence into the Lab, and watch as it’s hidden secrets are revealed. The decoder will quickly provide you with a plain-language breakdown of all of its features, allowing you to understand and verify the attributes like never before.

Why is this important?

The Kondux Genome lab isn’t just a gimmick or toy; it’s a glimpse into the future of dynamic NFTs. The Genome Lab was designed to address three key areas and beliefs of Kondux: longevity, data-driven software, and user understanding. Let’s focus on these design factors individually in more depth.

Longevity is at the forefront of this product release and the number one driver behind many of the decisions. The Genome Lab was designed to be a lightweight, entirely static webpage that can be hosted on free resources for the entirety of that resource’s lifespan. The Decoder of the genome lab will act as a way to verify your on-chain assets after mint. For that reason, we decided to develop two versions of the Genome Lab, a heavyweight version with Kondux backend connectivity and wallet support, and the lightweight “eternal” version you see now that exists without dependencies and can live on as its own entity forever.

Data-Driven Software was the second design criterion we focused on. If you were to peek inside the Genome Lab’s code, you would see that not only is our collection based on DNA keys, but so is our code. The Genome Lab doubles as a P.o.C. for data-driven software based solely on the information about how a DNA sequence is encoded. This goes beyond speeding up only our development and stands as an example of how B2B and P2P connections can be developed without any additional coding.

User Understanding was a large motivator behind this release. The decoder functionality of the Genome Lab was the only necessity for users to perform asset verification, and not technically required till the release of our Disclosure Collection. However, seeing how DNA is the lifeblood of the kNFTs and how hard it was to explain and understand to the general public, I was motivated to incorporate the encoder into the static site. I hope that by giving the user base a method to play around with the DNA for themselves — understanding of the protocols arises naturally. In addition to inherent understanding, the Genome Lab offers users a way to experience our dedication to CI/CD with a product in hand.

Ready to take the plunge?

Head over to the Kondux Genome Lab beta test site and unleash your inner DNA master! Play with the Encode and Decode tools and begin your hands on discovery of the boundless possibilities of kNFTs.

And remember, this is just the beginning. Kondux has big plans for kNFT technology in the year ahead, and the Genome Lab is your front-row seat to the future. Big news for the Disclosure Collection is coming soon!




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