Token Migration & Product Development Update

Grey Token Cryptocu Metaverse NFT Marketplace

We are in the midst of completing a token migration. With the process underway, the team wants to offer a peek behind the curtain of what we are striving to accomplish with this transition. The new smart contract we are setting up with Ethereum has some obvious benefits for users, lower gas fees for transactions and wallet to wallet transfers. On the backend we are also updating the Solidity code to assist with our expanded tokenomics infrastructure. We are transitioning away from the liquidity pool staking into creating liquidity independence. We are developing modular vaults for more flexibility on how staking can be rewarded and utilized across the blockchain. A serious amount of coding is being performed to make these features come to life. We want to communicate that we are taking the time to inspect every detail with care. Complex development projects take time to finalize and we want to feel comfortable once initiating them. We do not want to rush our work. To offer more clarity on our objectives for the migration we outlined some of the details within each project segment below.

NFT Marketplace.

We strongly believe in the value of creating functional digital assets for the metaverse. Our coding developers are working on cross-chain compatible NFTs to create this type of lasting value. The market for these types of products is expanding at an exponential rate and our team is sizing up to meet the demand. We are creating a wholly new way to customize and purchase NFTs with our upcoming NFT Marketplace dAPP. The NFT studio will allow users to manipulate their own 3d avatars and mint them in a revolutionary fashion.

Metaverse Gaming

As we expand our footprint into the metaverse we want our holders to know that our properties in the Sandbox, Cryptovoxels and Decentraland will be populated with unique and engaging content. Development is well underway and we have created a strategy hub for creative distribution across these platforms. As a kick off to our entry into metaverse gaming we are excited to announce that our entry into Sandbox Game Jam Season 2 has been accepted! A gameplay preview can be seen here on YouTube. Please subscribe to our channel to get exclusive updates as development continues.

AR & VR Environments

UFO Sightings will become more common.

We aren’t going show too much of our hand on this subject. The team has developers focused on creating gameplay content and expanding the reach of our extraterrestrial community into this dimension. Take what you can knowing Grey Token is diving deep into this technology.

Staking Vaults

One of the most complicated features we are working on this year is constructing incentivised modular vaults for staking $GREY. The vault will feature a rewards pool with increased utility. We want to keep this updated feature of our contract migration a little hush for now so keep tuned for more details.

Wallets Always Visible

Grey Token has kept our wallets in public view and will continue to do so. We believe it is vital that we make our finances and transactions visible for all. Having our holders be able to view our financial positions is of high value to us. We want to make sure you all know how to understand the information displayed on Etherscan and what the purpose is of each wallet. Navigate to CoinGecko and hover over the question mark following “circulating supply”. Below we have included the same information to our wallet addresses as seen on Etherscan. The summarized explanation for each wallet is intended to inform our investors about each segment of the project’s budget allocation.

$GREY Total 10,000,000,000,000

Marketing Funds -187,603,416,996

Burn Address 1 -187,500,000,000

Burn Address 2 -100,045,998,160

Team Wallet -500,000,000,000

Development Funds 1,500,000,000,000

Exchange Purchase/Burn Allocation -5,000,000,000,000




Kondux connects people to cutting edge creativity tools combined with Web3 technology in revolutionary fashions.

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Kondux connects people to cutting edge creativity tools combined with Web3 technology in revolutionary fashions.

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