USD — Powering the Metaverse and Beyond

3 min readApr 15, 2024


USD — Powering the Metaverse and Beyond Kondux

The Transformative Power of USD & kNFT DNA Technology in the Metaverse and Beyond

USD for Kondux symbolizes the fusion of technology and creativity. The future promises a landscape where the file format and kNFT DNA technology help redefine the boundaries of digital ownership, artistic expression, and interactive experiences. Kondux’s journey is a testament to the limitless possibilities that lie at the intersection of blockchain, innovation, and imagination.

Introduction to Universal Scene Description

Universal Scene Description (USD), is much more than a mere file format; it represents an open and expansive ecosystem for 3D world creation, simulation, and collaboration. Initially developed by Pixar Animation Studios, this file format is rapidly becoming the standard for 3D internet evolution and the burgeoning metaverse. USD incorporates a variety of tools and capabilities that enhance workflows, teams, and projects across a broad spectrum of virtual world creation and tool development.

Key Benefits of USD

Extensible Framework for 3D Virtual Worlds

USD provides an open, unique, and extensible framework with APIs designed for various operations in 3D virtual worlds, including composing, editing, querying, rendering, collaborating, and simulating.

Enhanced Collaboration and Workflow

It facilitates non-destructive workflows and collaborative efforts in scene creation and asset aggregation, allowing teams to iterate together seamlessly.

File System Agnosticism

USD’s design is file system agnostic, offering an extensible asset resolver to support any data storage model. This flexibility allows for the integration of disparate data sources.

Custom Renderers Support

Thanks to its Hydra rendering architecture, it supports custom renderers, providing a generalized pipeline for flexible data visualization. Thanks to its Hydra rendering architecture, USD supports custom renderers, providing a generalized pipeline for flexible data visualization. This innovative architecture plays a pivotal role in supporting custom renderers.

Pushing the Limits: NVIDIA’s Role

NVIDIA continues to drive the evolution of USD, extending its use beyond visual effects to include industrial, robotics, and AI applications. The company’s contributions are vital in developing USD into a fully interoperable foundation for 3D platforms.

NVIDIA Omniverse and USD-Based Applications

NVIDIA Omniverse™ is a multi-GPU scalable computing platform based on OpenUSD, designed for building metaverse applications. This platform supports a range of applications, read about the widespread adoption of OpenUSD across industries.

NVIDIA’s Expanding Contributions

NVIDIA is dedicated to expanding the industrial and scientific communities, aiming to build large-scale, physically accurate digital twins. Future capabilities include geospatial coordinates, connections to glTF file format, real-time proceduralism, browser compatibility, and IoT data streaming.

Material Definition Language and Python 3 Bindings

NVIDIA’s initiatives also include the development of the Material Definition Language (MDL) for sharing physically based materials and Python 3 bindings for asset management between Omniverse servers and local file systems.

Community Involvement and Learning Resources

NVIDIA encourages community involvement in development. Various resources, such as the View in Omniverse Launcher and on-demand tutorials, are available to help individuals and organizations get started with the technology. Our team’s mission to layer blockchain technology onto this new file standard using kNFT DNA Technology will be groundbreaking in many ways as our ecosystem of smart contracts allow a variety of interactions to take place.

This file format stands as a revolutionary technology in the 3D world, offering a comprehensive framework for building the open metaverse and beyond. With NVIDIA’s continued investment and the collaborative efforts of industry leaders, kNFT DNA Technology is set to transform how we create, collaborate, and interact within 3D environments & blockchain, driving innovation across various sectors with dynamic and secured digital assets.




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