USDZ & Kondux USD kNFT DNA AR/VR Integration

3 min readApr 15, 2024


USDZ & Kondux

Interoperability for AR/VR & USDZ

The Kondux team’s strategic embrace of USD & USDZ technology began in 2022 when we discovered the power and efficiency of the format while working with NVIDIA technology. It just made sense for us to use as we entered into the NVIDIA Inception Program. A major part of our ecosystem is to merge 3D assets and blockchain interoperability together, and USD is part of the Kondux solution.

Why are we talking about it now again at this moment? The time has come. Apple announced it’s availability of its AR Headset to be Feb 2, 2024. The world is just about to start another phase of AR integration into our daily lives.

From day one we have been designing our kNFT collection with interoperability in mind. By making our upcoming kNFT collection compatible with USDZ (Universal Scene Description Zip), which is not just another file format. It is the key to unlocking immersive AR experiences on Apple mobile devices. With its roots in Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD), USDZ has been tailored specifically for iOS and iPadOS, making it the go-to format for developers looking to harness the power of AR.

A little more info on USDZ:


Designed to store and share 3D assets and scenes in a compact, single-file format. It is optimized for AR experiences on iOS devices, allowing users to view and interact with 3D models in the real world through their device’s camera.


Compatible with Apple’s ARKit framework, which enables developers to create AR applications for iOS. This makes it easier to integrate 3D content into apps for use on iPhones and iPads.


Files are compressionless and the files are optimized to be wrapped into USDZ. You can wrap up any code and extension in the file to instruct the file on how to behave.


As an open file format, and its specifications are publicly available. This openness encourages interoperability and allows developers to create tools and applications that support USDZ files.


Files can be created using various 3D authoring tools that support the USD format. Additionally, Apple provides tools like the USDZ Converter, which allows developers to convert USD files into the USDZ format.


Files are commonly used in applications such as AR viewers, e-commerce platforms for showcasing 3D products, and educational apps that leverage augmented reality.

It’s important to note that USDZ is primarily associated with the Apple ecosystem, and its widespread adoption is tied to the popularity of iOS devices and ARKit. While other platforms may support the USD format, the specific use of USDZ for AR on Apple devices is a distinct characteristic.

Why USDZ and kNFT DNA are such a perfect match:

Collaborative Workflow:

USD’s non-destructive editing and collaborative capabilities make it a pretty rad tool for designers and developers to seamlessly collaborate on complex kNFT projects. This accelerates development timelines and elevates the quality of the final output.

Versatile Applications:

Originally tailored for high-end film production, USD’s versatility shines within the Kondux ecosystem. From gaming and animation to virtual reality experiences, USD serves as the backbone for a wide array of applications. This adaptability is crucial for SaaS platforms catering to diverse user needs.

USDZ Scalable Asset Management:

The efficient organization and management of virtual assets using USD enable Kondux to handle large-scale 3D scenes seamlessly. Scalable asset management is key to providing users with a streamlined experience, enhancing overall platform performance.

Interoperability Across Tools:

We love the interoperability USD provides across various software platforms and that is why kNFT technology can effortlessly be used as interoperable 3D assets.

Optimized Performance:

USDZ’s ability to maintain high-quality output while minimizing resource strain is at the core of our vision. Optimized performance ensures that users of kNFT technology enjoy a seamless and responsive experience, even in the most complex 3D AR environments.

Closing thoughts, USDZ is not just a file format; it’s a gateway to unlocking the full potential of AR on Apple devices. Developers embracing USDZ are poised to create immersive, shareable experiences that will shape the way we shop, learn, navigate, and interact. As AR seamlessly integrates into our daily lives, the developer’s hay day with USDZ is set to leave an indelible mark on the Apple ecosystem, ushering in a new era of innovation and engagement.




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